Intrigued by Eastern philosophies, journalist Meg Lundstrom traveled to India in 1987, where she was introduced to divining. It guided her into fruitful meditation practices, deepening experiences of the Divine, romances, a mountain farmhouse, and purchases as small as vitamins and as big as cars.  In 1993, divining drew her to Tibet, where she and a friend, Charlene Belitz, experienced a series of synchronicities that led them to co-author The Power of Flow: Practical Ways to Transform Your Life with Meaningful Coincidence (Crown, 1997), which has been published in ten languages.

Lundstrom has written on self-development, health, entrepreneurship and the human search for meaning for Redbook, Business Week, Woman’s World, and other publications. Previously, she investigated Mafia corruption and covered topics ranging from surrogate motherhood to contractor scams to mental health care for the North Jersey (Bergen) Record and organized successful media campaigns for environmental causes and political candidates in Colorado. She once backpacked her way around the world, has visited sacred sites from Assisi to Chaco Canyon to Kyoto, and now divides her time between the United States (primarily Denver) and South India.

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