How to decide?

Are you tired of making careful decisions that turn out badly?

Does your mind restlessly chew over choices that don’t matter much?

Do you feel stymied because you don’t know what’s really best for you?

You’re not alone: the conscious mind turns out to be not that good at making complex decisions, scientists are learning – and from health insurance to career planning to cellphones, we’ve never had as many complex choices to make as now. It’s easy to be confused, frustrated and frozen in place when it comes to decisions large and small. But there is a way to bypass the limitations of the conscious mind to tap into a deeper subconscious intelligence. It’s called divining, and it involves using simple tools to raise the volume of that still, small voice within. It can be learned easily and used at the moment when the need for an answer arises.

You’ll find that those answers – which emerge from the depths of your wise right brain – are zingers that ring true and feel right. The result is that you make better decisions, sidestep second guessing, and find yourself easing into the natural flow of life. Your days become not just more efficient but more adventurous — and light-hearted.

In What To Do When You Can’t Decide, author Meg Lundstrom explains how to prepare yourself to ask questions of your inner Yoda by

  • Becoming quiet
  • Connecting with the deepest, wisest part of yourself
  • Putting aside your desires, fears and preconceptions
  • Phrasing the question clearly and precisely
  • Entering into a receptive state to receive the answer.

You’ll learn of  three tools that you can use to get a clear, meaningful, on-the-spot response:

  • Muscle-testing, which lets your fingers “do the talking”
  • Pendling, a technique that uses a handheld instrument to answer yes-or-no questions and more
  • The Chits, an easy pen-and-paper technique

You will learn the mechanics of the tools, along with mid-level and advanced techniques for verifying an answer, sorting through options, and dialoguing to probe deeper into a personal issue. You’ll also find direct-to-the-Source techniques, such as decoding synchronicity and using dreams. A comprehensive trouble-shooting guide will help you build your skills.

From small decisions like choosing items at the grocery store, to bigger questions around relationships and career, What to Do When You Can’t Decide helps you find the wisdom within to confidently and exuberantly move forward on your life’s journey.

Kudos for the Book:

I highly recommend What to Do When You Can’t Decide. Accessing one’s subconscious intelligence is a tricky subject matter to teach or write about, and I’d only venture into those waters with a trustworthy, down-to-earth, intelligent guide. That’s Meg Lundstrom. She brings a unique combination of skills and insight to this subject: a masterful blend of science, history, and personal wisdom; an artful command of language; and a warm and welcoming way of allowing us to play around with multiple tools in the decision-making process. By the end of the book, you’ll find a way that works best for you on this wilderness adventure called life.

—Elizabeth Lesser, Cofounder, Omega Institute,
Author of the New York Times bestseller, Broken Open


What a fun and valuable book! Meg Lundstrom has produced a wonderfully practical guide for asking questions and finding answers about yourself and your world—and for showing how all of us can divine information from the mundane to the profound. I love it!

—Donna Eden, Author, Energy Medicine